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Unrestricted Donations

Unrestricted donations allow the foundation to operate and to respond to the needs in the community as they arise. Gift of any amount

Community Grant Fund

The Community Grant Fund is being established thanks to a challenge from the Dance G. Hansen Foundation which will match the first $50,000 donated to this fund in one "event" month in 2016. The $50,000 must be reached with individual donations not to exceed 5,000 each. Earnings will be used for grants in our community.  

Named Endowement Funds

Named endowment Funds are named for the donor or the donor's family or as memorial to someone special. Every grant from your fund will carry the fund's name. Donors may choose a name that reflects the donor's charitable interests. $12,500 minimum

Designated Funds

Designated Funds allow donors to support specific organizations. The foundation makes sure that grants to these groups remain relevant over time and responsive to circumstances. $10,00 minimum 

Donor Advised Funds

Donor advised funds enable donors to recommend specific charitable organizations to receive grants. $10,000 minimum  

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Funds help students pursue academic goals. Donors may define guidelines for candidacy, the advisory committee, the school and the award itself. $25,000

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