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The Wallace County Foundation works with community members to enhance the way of life within Wallace County. This is done through support of community projects, grants to other nonprofit organizations serving the community, and scholarships for students. The Wallace County Foundation is committed to our future, inspired by our past. Projects and funds within the foundation serve scholarships, leadership training, enrichment of public education and opportunities for adult education, parks and recreation, community beautification, preservation of local history, and more.  The Wallace County Foundation has served as the 501(c)( 3) for many projects and has worked with other local nonprofit organizations and community clubs such as the Strand Theater, the Wallace County Amusement Association, the Master Gardeners, Rotary Club, 4-H, and others to accomplish community improvements and opportunities for our residents.  The Foundation also maintains a Kids First Fund to meet special expenses of children in need. The Wallace County Foundation is affiliated  with The Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation and partners with Dane G. Hansen to bring Wallace County Citizens dreams to life.

Our Mission

To enhance the quality of life in Wallace County both today and in the future, by:

  • Building permanent endowments that benefit local communities;

  • Inspiring and enabling donors to fulfill their charitable desires;

  • Facilitating prudent management and care funds;

  • Increasing the capacity of nonprofit organizations to fulfill their individual missions;

  • Promoting community philanthropy;

  • Facilitating grants, awards and scholarships.

Our Vision

Committed to our future,

inspired by our past.

Why Work with Us?

You want to create a lasting legacy.

Because of the power of endowment, the names and goals of these funds live forever creating a lasting legacy while providing sustainability for future generations.


You want to save time and money.

The foundation provides administrative and grant making support, eliminating the need for donors to set up separate institutions, formulate policies, file innumerable forms, and monitor the status of grant recipients.

You want flexibility.

The foundation has the flexibility to respond to the future needs of the community through variance power. The foundation is committed to honoring donor intent, but if the original intended purpose of a gift no longer exists, the local board of directors can direct the fund to other funds or causes closely related to the donor’s interests.


You want local knowledge

Our board of directors is composed of local community members representing Wallace County. This local knowledge will help us better identify and serve the needs in our communities.


You need a tax deduction.

As a qualified 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization and an affiliate of the Scott Community Foundation, all gifts made to the Wallace County Foundation are tax deductible, as permitted by law.

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